Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Freebie - The Notebook

I often draw, sketch and watercolor in notebooks from time to time and I got this idea by glancing through some of my artwork. In appreciation of the coming of Spring, is my Notebook background! ENJOY and see ya Monday!

You can download it HERE.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Freebie - Chocoholic

Here it is Wednesday - and I went ALL weekend with NO CHOCOLATE! So you can guess where my thoughts were as I made this background. LOL I love the dainty lady with all the chocolate gifts from heaven and you can see the sparkling tasty morsels - which would you choose first? I made the center a little wider for texts and your 2 column graphics and I made my Logo a bit smaller this time. I hope you enjoy it! I am going to find some CHOCOLATE for ME!

You can download it HERE.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Freebie - Victorian Pink

Happy Monday! Mondays are a pain so lets brighten this day UP! I found a beautiful bouquet of roses and one thing led to another and this is the results! Hope you enjoy it. *grin*
You can download it HERE.

Another Award - is it my PERFUME or what?

WOOT! A second award from Tess at My Simple Thoughts!
Thanks Tess, this award is special as it means we DO have FRIENDS ALL OVER THE WORLD who help us and are there for us. Thanks again.

And now the rules… post it on your blog, refer to the blog you received it from and nominate 5-7 or so blogs and notify them.

And the Nominees are:
1. Chingjp
2. Allie Brown's Designs
3. Le Scrap de Syriana
4. Miss Erin's Scraps
5. Weescottslass Creations

Congratulations to all!

Premio Dardos Award!

WOOT! I received another Award! This one was presented by Annie. She has such a great place so be sure to visit her HERE. Thanks so much for the kind words Annie.
Nominees save the Award to your hard drive please.

Now comes the FUN part - as a recipient I must pass this on to 5 (five) deserving sites.
And the nominees are:
1. Chingjp
2. Lizz Gasaway Designs
3. Jamie Dell Scraps
4 My Simple Thoughts & Creations
5. Granny Art

Congratulations to all of you!

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Designer Layout - Aged To Perfection!

Fridays are always Special to me, so I am releasing a New Designer Layout!
I am very pleased to announce that I will be doing layouts from Lizz Gasaway Designs!

I visited her site and fell in LOVE with the Aged To Perfection Kit and have been granted written permissions to use her graphics.

Using a designer kit is sometimes harder for me than using my own graphics. What looks fantastic as a scrapbook page doesn't always work for a Blog Background! This one came out very NICE!

Here it is my new Designer Layout with graphics by Lizz Gasaway Designs! Let me know if you like it by leaving some LOVE!

Visit Lizz and give her some LOVE too - don't be stingy - share the LOVE! LOL

You can download it HERE.

I hope everyone has a Blessed and SAFE weekend and that you enjoy this new background layout. See ya Monday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Afternoon Everyone!

I went over to Chingjp's yesterday and saw her new Kit called "Springtime Kit" and fell in LOVE with it!! The colors are so vibrant and I knew immediately that I had to use this kit.

Ching has graciously given written permission to use her graphics, so that YOU the viewers get more FREEBIES from me. Thanks Again Ching!

I am out of my area of design on this one, as I have never tried to do a Scrapbook themed Background Layout. This is my FIRST attempt so please leave your comments.

Hope someone likes this one and ya'll have a FANTASTIC DAY!

You can download it HERE.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It must be something they ATE...I have received another AWARD! This one is from the wonderful lady Tess at My Simple Thoughts n Creations! Her site is so great - it is a MUST SEE!

NOMINEES- pick up your Award and pass it on please!

Now I must pass this Award to 5 (five) deserving site owners:

1. Chingjp
2.Jamie Dell Scraps
3.Allie Brown's Layouts **SPECIAL THANKS because without Allie's help my designs would NEVER have shown up full page. She is an INSPIRATION and has the patience of a SAINT!**
4.Creative Victorian Design (I LOVE visiting this site!)
5.Serene by RW

OK- I finally got the blanks filled in and Award duties completed and all Nominees have been notified!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Freebie - Jungle Beauty

Phew - I worked most of the day on this layout till I got it where it suits me. Spring will soon be in my neck of the woods and I for one can hardly wait. I hope someone out there likes this also.

You can download it HERE.

New Award!

OH COOL! I have won another Award! This "LOOK HOW COOL BLOG" and was received from Chingjp! She has some wonderfully cool freebies at her site for all you scrapbookers!

This is really an HONOR as I have only had this blog going since the first week in January '09.

Now here are the Rules for receivers of the Award:

1. Display the image of the stamp "Look How Cool Blog" you just won!
2. Post the blog link you provided.
3. Indicate your choice of 10 blogs.
4. Let them know.
5. Post the rules.
6. Check if the blogs post the prize and followed the rules..

and my Nominees are:

1. Granny Art - I LOVE visiting this site and her art is FANTASTIC!
2. Digikeepsakes - I get inspired every time I visit this blog!
3. Lizz Gasaway Designs - One very talented lady here - just take a look!
4. Dreamsfulfilled - This site is full of GOODIES!
5. Le Scrap de Syriana - the site is in French but the designs are truly International!
6. Cynthiab-Learning Scrapbooking - True talent and a very inspiring site!
7. Judy at A Touch of Class - the designs here are pure CLASS!
8. Miss Erin's Scraps - I love her style and presentation and her goodies are superb!
9. Angelflight Scraps - this lady has it goin ON! Great variety of goodies here!
10. Miss Edna's Place - very creative woman and fantastic goodies here!
11. Cutie Pie Pics - all original material here and love the Etched Frame!

Congratulations to ALL of you- You have a really COOL blog!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Freebie-THANKS CHING !!

Chingjp graciously has allowed me full use of her work to create background layouts for everyone. I chose her Valentines Kit to begin with to kick off the celebration!

She has some really great Kits and Scrapping items at her site! Please check out her site and SNAG away LOL!

I wanted to create a background layout that could be used all year long and still convey the theme of "Love". This is more practical since most of us don't change backgrounds just for the Holidays unless it is Christmas.



You can download it HERE.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Background Installation

Step 1

Upload your image to your Image Host.

I use Photobucket and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.
Login to your Photobucket account
Look for the box that says"UPLOAD IMAGES and VIDEO"
Look at pic above
at the bottom is a link for "more options" click that.
Select the LARGEST screen size available for your account (UNLESS you have a PAID Account).

NOTE: (Mine is set for a 21 inch monitor screen using a PAID account.
My layouts did not appear full screen until I got a PAID account at Photobucket.
If you are using a FREE account it is unlikely that your images will appear full screen.
Picasa shrinks your images!)

Once your image is uploaded, you need to get the Direct Link to that image
(wave your mouse over the new image to get the link)
Right Click and copy the Direct Link.

Step 2

Go to your blog and login and click Customize at the top.
Click the Tab that says Layout.
Click on Edit HTML
* make SURE your blog says
Blogger Template Style
Name: Minima
Designer: Douglas Bowman
Date: 26 Feb 2004
Updated by: Blogger Team
----------------------------------------------- */
if it DOES then keep going

Scroll down until you see this:
/* Use this with templates/template-twocol.html */

below this line you will see something like this:

< type="text/css"> body {background-image: url(direct link); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }< /style>

don't freak out- you are almost done!

highlight the words direct link and paste your link to the new background
Click Save Template!

Close all browser windows to clear the Cache, open new browser and go to your page!


Using Photobucket to resize your background

Go to Photobucket and locate your background
Just above the picture is a button called EDIT - click that
When their editor opens - look at the top row of icons for the one that says Resize-click that

The first box is the WIDTH - if your background is too wide - adjust this number to a smaller number

The second box is the HEIGHT - if your background is too tall -
adjust this number to a smaller number

Now hit APPLY - then at the BOTTOM click SAVE A COPY

When it finishes look at the new copy and get the DIRECT LINK code and add that code to your blogger page.

When you get the background the way you want it and LIKE the way it shows - delete the old ones to save space on Photobucket.

I have adjusted one background 10 times to get it "just right".

I have a BIG widescreen monitor and what looks great to me might look different on a smaller monitor and it takes a bit of your effort to make your site look GREAT, but your efforts will be your reward!

If it just wonk work - email me personally at: deliciousfx AT gmail DOT com
I will do what I can to help get it RIGHT for you.

Thanks Ching

Ching lovingly added the background to her site and made a COOL Banner also. I think it looks very nice over there!

However, I am going to make up a list of Instructions to install the backgrounds so they will show full screen and fit the blog page. (I am no expert at typing out instructions so bear with me on this one.)

Once the Install Instructions are finished my viewers will have the choice to have their layouts fit half screen or full screen!

Have a GREAT Day to everyone!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New FREEBIE! - Remember The Roses

I recently made a new friend and offered to make a layout in her favorite colors of pink and green with brown and a touch of "grunge". I spent several days wracking my brain and trying this n that to no suitable avail. Then after Mom's party, I began to remember things I enjoyed as a kid. One thing I truly enjoyed was sneaking out of the house to hide under her roses which climbed outside my bedroom window. As I began to work on this, I realized these were the colors my friend liked only without the touch of "grunge" (sorry about that).

This layout is dedicated to CHINGJP and you can expect something new for Valentines very soon!

You can download it HERE.

My First Award!

WOW! I came here to check the site and upload a new layout and I found I have received my FIRST Award! WOO-HOO! Thanks Tess! I am Truly HONORED! You should visit Tess HERE. She has tons of goodies!

The "rules" of this award are:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post. (Right click on the logo and save to your own computer.)
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude!
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post with the person from whom you received your award.Here are my nominees:

Now I must pass this Award on to 10 (ten) deserving sites who show great Attitude or Gratitude!

1. would be Allie Brown but she beat me by 5 minutes and already received this award LOL!
2. would be Chingjp, but she beat me by 10 minutes and already received this award LOL!
3. is Scrappin Cop because she shares EVERYTHING and never fails to excite us with her wonderful freebies and knowledge and tutorials! This Cop ROCKS!

I have not FOUND the next 7 yet - I feel like they are friends or sites I haven't found yet - but will in time. So, I have 7 to give away when the time is right.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Freebie - WHO

I was thinking about all the different things to use to make Blog Layouts and it occurred to me I need something even the GUYS might like. Men blog too, so I did something a bit different that anyone might enjoy. It is called "WHO?". I hope someone out there can give this beautiful owl a home at their site!

Personal Use Only please.

You can download it HERE.

Good Weekend

It was a really GOOD weekend and Mom's suprize dinner went GREAT! She got a few gifts and most of the family called Sunday and the phone was non stop. We had friends over on Sunday and Mom had a full weekend and was very happy. Love ya Mom!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Thankyou to both Tess and Chingjp for being my followers! I will do my best to add nice layouts here for you and all others to enjoy.

I will be busy the rest of the day working on a surprize birthday party for a 5 yr old girl and my Mom who is blind.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

New FREEBIE! - Valentine Hearts

I have been very busy of late working on many things and dealing with the duties of Real Life and bills. (yukk) I made this recently on a whim. I love the colors. I hope someone out there will enjoy it also.

You can download it HERE.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Backup Completed

Well I did get the computer files backed up and it took 10 DVDs to do it! The sad part is 90% was all graphics. (Guess I need to get a Life - Ohhh WAIT - graphics IS my Life!)

I sort of took the weekend off for the most part. I DID make some new presets for Super Blade Pro because I needed a few more gold ones. I watched a movie on tv Saturday night just so the TV would feel useful for a change. LOL I rarely watch tv.

I communicated with someone in regards to the new surprise for this page! (I have some new ideas and designs floating around in my head.) I think it will be a good surprise when it comes to fulfillment. Just gimme TIME.

I cleaned house and did laundry. Yes, housework still SUCKS but I don't have the luxury of affording a MAID so I did it myself. Darned clothes still haven't learned to fold themselves or jump onto a hangar!

I rested a LOT on Sunday as I think I am catching a darned cold. Luckily, this will be the first cold for the winter for me and I am Lucky in that respect.

So that was my weekend. I surely hope yours was more exciting!

Monday FREEBIE - Birds-N-Bees!

The FREEBIE for today is a beautiful blog layout called Birds-N-Bees! Just in time for Valentines - these two beautiful birds seem to be sitting in moonlight waiting for a home on your blog!

It comes with a header to customize with your title.
This one was fun to make and I hope someone gives these birdies a good home.


You can download it HERE.