Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It must be something they ATE...I have received another AWARD! This one is from the wonderful lady Tess at My Simple Thoughts n Creations! Her site is so great - it is a MUST SEE!

NOMINEES- pick up your Award and pass it on please!

Now I must pass this Award to 5 (five) deserving site owners:

1. Chingjp
2.Jamie Dell Scraps
3.Allie Brown's Layouts **SPECIAL THANKS because without Allie's help my designs would NEVER have shown up full page. She is an INSPIRATION and has the patience of a SAINT!**
4.Creative Victorian Design (I LOVE visiting this site!)
5.Serene by RW

OK- I finally got the blanks filled in and Award duties completed and all Nominees have been notified!

1 comment:

  1. OH! You are too kind! Your layout looks awesome. I love it; absolutely love it!!

    And I could use some gold...but this award and your words mean just as much!

    Thanks for your kindheartedness! You're a sweetheart.