Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Freebie - Butterfly Magnolias

Wednesday - middle of the week - YESS! I woke up early this morning (too early) and as I walked outside on my porch, I could smell the glorious aroma of Magnolias from my neighbor's trees. What a Heavenly fragrance so early in the morning! That was my inspiration for today's blog background which would also work as a desktop wallpaper! Enjoy and see you Friday!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Freebie - Fiesta!

Monday AGAIN? I made this cute Fiesta blog background this morning and it sure reminds me of summer weekends here. We look forward to weekends for backyard BBQ and having friends visit. Everyone brings different foods and a fun time is had by all - and the kids run and play! This would be cute for a party blog or even a blog dealing with Southwest Cuisine! Enjoy and see ya Wednesday!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Freebie - Royal Roses

Friday at last! Ok folks even tho it is the weekend - I am urging all of us to stop and smell the Roses along the way. I made this blog background with the thoughts of Mother's Day and seeing my neighbor's roses in bloom. So BEAUTIFUL! It was a long and Cold Winter for many of us, so let's appreciate the beauty of Spring.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend - see ya Monday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Freebie - Dragon Guards

Happy Wednesday folks! I finally finished my Dragon Guards layout which can be used as a blog background or as your desktop wallpaper. I love the colors and the mystery associated with dragons. These fellas look like they are guarding your site! How cool to have personal site bodyguards? LOL

Enjoy and see ya Friday !

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Freebie-Rob Pohl Floral

Mother's Day is coming soon and that got me to thinking about my Mom. As many of you know, I stay at home and care for my Mom who is elderly and blind and is also on medication for dementia. Most of the time things go really great. Mom always loved flowers, so when I can find a nice fresh flower I pick it for her to smell and I describe the colors to her. So, I think for Mother's Day, I will buy her a big bouquet of flowers for her room!

When I came across a floral called" Temptations B" by artist Rob Pohl, I knew this would make a great blog layout or desktop wallpaper for Mother's Day. I enjoy his art very much. I hope you enjoy it too and it brightens your Monday. Hugs

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Update-New Buttons for Followers

Hello all. I can forget taking Mom out for the weekend. The rain started about 1 AM and finally let off a bit around 5 PM. According to the television, my area got between SIX and TEN inches of rain! The state of Texas desperately needed the rain but I am thinking we got all of the back ordered rain as well! Thankfully, I am on a hill and don't worry about flooding. The lightning was booming all day long in the sickly green sky and there was even a couple twisters hopping around in a nearby town. The bad news is there is more scheduled for tomorrow. YUKK.

While the computer was turned OFF and unplugged, I decided to use my laptop and do the coding by hand to add new buttons for my Links and for my FOLLOWERS.

Each of my Followers who has a Blog, is listed at the bottom on a new button! I needed some way to let you know you are APPRECIATED! A personal HUG to each of you!

Friday Freebie - Scenic River

Hello everyone! Hope you have some fun planned for the weekend. I will be staying home working on graphics and pulling weeds from the flowerbeds. I have been busy with graphics and trying to come up with new ideas for layouts as well as some "upgrades" for this site. Today's blogger background is from a favorite picture. I love the woods and creeks and streams and the crisp spring air and all the freshness of a new morning! So, for those of you who can't get out of town for the weekend - let this layout work as your desktop wallpaper or as your blog backing.

Have a fun and safe weekend and see ya back on Monday!

Get the zip file - try the new button

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Freebie-Chicken-N-Sunflower

Happy Wednesday folks! I often buy wallpaper and borders to scan from garage sales or wherever I am fortunate enough to find them. I came up with this from two scans and it will work well for those whose blog layouts are 3 column or use the full page. I don't want to neglect other type of layouts if I can come up with a nice one for them also. This also looks nice as a desktop wallpaper on your monitor! Love these Roosters cause they DON'T crow at 3am!

You can download the zip file HERE.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Designer Freebie - FRIENDS

I recently visited my good friend Lizz at Designs by Lizz where I fell in love with her kit called Sisters and Friends. Friends love ya even when ya fall down in Life, they pick ya up, dust ya off and set ya straight again. TRUE Friends love ya no matter what, and they are always there when ya need them and even when ya don't. LOL

Hope you enjoy this suprize Designer Freebie!

You can download the zip file HERE.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Freebie - After the Party

Happy Friday to all! Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a very quiet event. I spent the day relaxing and doing NOTHING but resting. Mom and I had our favorite Mexican food that I ordered and brought home. No party, cake or candles, just us. Later I met my favorite Canadian Sweetie online and we stayed up way too late talking and laughing! It was a GOOD day. It is my hope someone likes this as a layout or as a desktop wallpaper. It would be cute for a scrapbook party type blog.

Have a GREAT and safe weekend and see ya Monday!

You can download the zip file HERE.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Freebie - Abstract

Hi all! I am posting a simple abstract that works well as a desktop wallpaper or as a blog background. I liked this abstract because it makes you realize the mysteries of space, or could that be a spider web from an arachnid on LSD? Shucks, it might even be a birds nest from far into the future, but it is an image I enjoy looking at and letting my mind wander. And today - I am too tired to wander far! See ya'll Friday!

You can download the zip file HERE.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Freebie - Hoppy Easter

Woo Hoo!! Easter is almost here! Another Designer Layout! I began this layout months ago by starting with my Frog and eggs graphic but never finished it until today. I was looking at Chingjp's Springtime Kit (which is my favorite) and BANG! - it hit me - her papers and backgrounds and floral accents would be perfect to finish up this background! I suggest you pop over to Ching's and check out her goodies - AFTER you leave a comment here ...LOL!

You can download the zip file HERE.

Great Site - Jamie Dell Scraps

Jamie Dell is also a good friend and ya never know what she will come up with next for your scrapbooking collections! Check her out!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Freebie - Lizz's Rustic

I realized I haven't done a Designer Freebie in quite a while, so I went to playing with Lizz Gasaway's Rustic Elements and Papers. She posted these a while back and I felt now was a good time to work with them. This layout is a bit different from my usual style and I am pleased with it. Hope you enjoy it!

You can download the zip file HERE.

Great Site

Designs By Lizz

My good friend Lizz is at it again! Her new kits are nothing short of Awesome!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday Freebie- Majestic Eagle

Hi all. Sorry I am late with yesterday's post. Unfortunately I was a victim of "Murphy's Law" yesterday. For those who are not aware of Murphy's Law - it means - "Anything that CAN go wrong - WILL go wrong." OK Murphy- time to leave me alone!

Today's Freebie is a blog layout of a beautiful eagle soaring over snow covered trees. Always watching and always free. This design is great as a blog background or even as your desktop monitor wallpaper.

You can download the zip file HERE.

Great Site - Allie Brown's

Allie is an inspiration and a good friend and without her tireless help I may have never figured some things out regarding blogging. She was there for me when I first started, and remains a shining star in my life. If you don't see something you like here, please give her a visit. She has some great designs there. Love ya Allie!