Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Update-New Buttons for Followers

Hello all. I can forget taking Mom out for the weekend. The rain started about 1 AM and finally let off a bit around 5 PM. According to the television, my area got between SIX and TEN inches of rain! The state of Texas desperately needed the rain but I am thinking we got all of the back ordered rain as well! Thankfully, I am on a hill and don't worry about flooding. The lightning was booming all day long in the sickly green sky and there was even a couple twisters hopping around in a nearby town. The bad news is there is more scheduled for tomorrow. YUKK.

While the computer was turned OFF and unplugged, I decided to use my laptop and do the coding by hand to add new buttons for my Links and for my FOLLOWERS.

Each of my Followers who has a Blog, is listed at the bottom on a new button! I needed some way to let you know you are APPRECIATED! A personal HUG to each of you!

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