Monday, February 2, 2009

Backup Completed

Well I did get the computer files backed up and it took 10 DVDs to do it! The sad part is 90% was all graphics. (Guess I need to get a Life - Ohhh WAIT - graphics IS my Life!)

I sort of took the weekend off for the most part. I DID make some new presets for Super Blade Pro because I needed a few more gold ones. I watched a movie on tv Saturday night just so the TV would feel useful for a change. LOL I rarely watch tv.

I communicated with someone in regards to the new surprise for this page! (I have some new ideas and designs floating around in my head.) I think it will be a good surprise when it comes to fulfillment. Just gimme TIME.

I cleaned house and did laundry. Yes, housework still SUCKS but I don't have the luxury of affording a MAID so I did it myself. Darned clothes still haven't learned to fold themselves or jump onto a hangar!

I rested a LOT on Sunday as I think I am catching a darned cold. Luckily, this will be the first cold for the winter for me and I am Lucky in that respect.

So that was my weekend. I surely hope yours was more exciting!

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